DNA Tracing

Genetic testing gives you access to your genetic information.  Genetic genealogy enables you to find information about, for example, the geographical area(s) that your ancestors came from and more importantly it can discover others who match your DNA - relatives that you may not have learned about through family documents/photographs or hearsay. 

WordsWorth Family Tree Service offers to trace your ancestors through your DNA.  We interpret your DNA results, working within UK Government guidelines. Our service is completely confidential.

You may have already taken a test, in which case we can manage this for you to trace others with a DNA match to your results and build the story of your heritage and, if requested, draw up a family tree.  

We also arrange for a DNA test to be sent directly to you.  You simply follow the instructions and return your sample to the DNA laboratory.  WordsWorth then manages your DNA test result to find worldwide DNA matches, ie your ancestors.

Our fees start at £200 plus the cost of the kit.  We will provide as much detail as possible on any discoveries and, should you wish us to draw up a family tree, then please see our pricing page for costs. 

“Genes are like the story, and DNA is the language that the story is written in..”
― Sam Kean

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