About Us

The WordsWorth Group of Companies was started in 1988 and over time it developed many different branches. 

WordsWorth Educational Services worked for Estyn/Ofsted providing a Lay Inspector in all sectors of education.

WordsWorth Graphic Design Services provided a tailor-made design service for businesses, including web design.

WordsWorth Independent Advocacy Service provided mental health advocates (IMHA and IMCA) in forensic settings. Our book "Caring for Ethnic Minorities" is available on the Amazon website.

These companies have now been closed due to retirement but, being busy bees, we have turned our hand to family history research.  We have researched our own histories back to pre-Norman Conquest, although it is fair to say that this work started in 2005.  We are conscientious and meticulous checking each fact and figure until we are certain that historically (primary and secondary evidence) they are correct. 

Let us do this for you although we cannot promise to take your trees back this far.

“Genealogy becomes a mania, an obsessive struggle to penetrate the past and snatch meaning from an infinity of names."
Henry Wiencek