Find Long-Lost Friends

WordsWorth Family Tree Service is now offering a track and trace your friends and/or family with whom you have lost contact.  Recently, we successfully traced a schoolfriend of an 80+ year old.  We put them in touch with one another and they are now happily catching up the lost years.  We also traced two old friends who attended each other's weddings.  Somehow, they too lost touch (over 60 years ago) but they are now messaging regularly.

There are associated costs involved with this service, but our prices start at £50 to trace one person.  Before proceeding and incurring any additional costs, we will of course check with you first.  We will discuss with you your exact requirements and, finally, advise you (if you want) how to proceed with any contact that you choose to follow up.

We cannot of course guarantee to find your long-lost friend.  We will though, as always, do our very best to reunite you with your friends/family after years of separation.  

“Friendship is everything. Friendship is more than talent. It is more than the government. It is almost the equal of family..”
Jane Austen (Northanger Abbey)

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